Nightly Conversation

Do you talk in your sleep?

I’ve been informed that I do.

I never used to. I wonder when this started?

I’m not even saying anything good either: I’m saying 1 2 3 over and over again.

I don’t think I like this development.

I travelled with an Australian guy who moaned for 30 minutes every night. Sometimes right when he fell asleep, sometimes just before he woke up in the morning.

I don’t think he liked that very much either.

I once met a guy who was a sleep walker.

While travelling, he stayed at a hostel in Amsterdam. The hostel had 2 locations on opposite corners of the same city block. He went to bed at his hostel and woke up around the block outside the other hostel.

He did this in his underwear!

The worst part must have been running back to his hostel.

Maybe talking in my sleep isn’t that bad.

note: S. Le: in the root world, the ones in the photo are good ones! I like rootbeer too!

5 responses to “Nightly Conversation

  1. My mate Benny makes root beer!

    You must be testing out a dream world P.A. system with your “1,2,3”

  2. Maybe I’m a dyslexic rocket controller countdown guy!

  3. I have heard that I sleep walk, but so far I have never woken up in a strange location 🙂

    As for the guy who moans in his sleep, that must be awkward sometimes…

  4. paperdreamer: I travelled with him for about 6 weeks. I got used to his moaning. As far as moaning goes, his moan was pretty quiet like a ceiling fan: a good steady hum.

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