Home For a Rest

Holidays are unnatural.

You work yourself in to a nice little routine for most of the year, and then you blow it on vacation.

Driving long distances, waking at strange times, eating strange food at strange places, carrying a camera around, visiting things definitely not on the road between home and work, and sleeping on strange beds.

It’s enjoyable in a “shooter of the day” sort of way: it’s something different. If you don’t like it, well you tried it at least.

To be fair, I love traveling. I seriously really love traveling a lot. I’m more use to long trips though: 1-2 years. It takes me a while to get into the groove of things.

A short 5 day holiday just seems so rushed: “wham bam thank you ma’am” and it’s over.

It’s like lighting off a few firecrackers, when you’re use to a 2-3 hour fireworks extravaganza.

It’s nice, but just not the same.

I guess it scratches the itch, but it’s not the full body massage.

note: I need a few days off to recover.

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