Watching Trees


People love watching trees in Japan.

In April, it’s cherry blossom viewing. Everyone and their dog go and sit on blue tarps under cherry trees and drink heavily. I do it too, but I usually watch the women who are watching the trees.

In October, it’s Kouyo: the changing of the leaves. People always ask me what the word for Kouyo is in English. They usually seem disappointed when I say, ” the changing of the leaves”. I think they expect some great one word answer.

Tour buses haul people around the countryside in April and October. It’s a big business.

I like both these times of year, but I’m more of a root person. My sister is too.

When we have travelled together, we point out interesting roots to each other, take photos, and have little discussions over the merits of our discoveries. We know a good root when we see it.

Trees have their seasons, but roots are all year round fun.

3 responses to “Watching Trees

  1. But how do you watch the roots? Do you have “tunnel vision?” (LOL)

  2. i hate roots, and pictures of roots. i think u wrote this to make me distraught!

  3. alex: I was thinking of you the whole time. I was going to mention the fish wind socks as well, but I’ll save it for later.

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