Mongolian Blue Spots

Being caucasian, single, and not having much to do with babies; I didn’t know about this until I came to Japan.

Mongolian Blue Spots are flat birthmarks with wavy borders and irregular shapes, common among people of Asian, East Indian, African, and Latino heritage. Bluish gray to deep brown to black skin markings, they often appear on the base of the spine, on the buttocks and back and even sometimes on the ankles or wrists.

 A friend of mine worked in a Daycare/English playtime centre for a year, and as part of his job he accompanied/assisted children using the bathroom.

He casually mentioned this phenomenon to me one day, to which I told him he was pulling my leg and I wasn’t that gullible.

He insisted it was true, and I kept a doubtful expression on my face until I could check the internet.

Why couldn’t I have some cool birthmark like that?

I just have a regular white ass.

note to self:  buy some pool chalk.


4 responses to “Mongolian Blue Spots

  1. You so funny!
    oh were the toilet visits written into his contract or ….forget it
    My kids being of Canadian and Japanese decent have no blue marks to speak of.

  2. Caucasians have boring birthmarks.

  3. I’d be happy to come by once a week and give you a good ASS Kicking! That’ll leave a blue mark I’m pretty sure. My wife still has the remains of a Mongolian Blue Spot. It rests comfortably high on her butt cheek. It’s perfectly round and about the size of a dollar coin. She hates when I draw happy faces on it.

  4. 3 of my 4 kiddos had them

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