Lucky 13

Thirteen is the traditional superstitious number.

I haven’t met anyone who is really bothered by it though. Where are all these people who have messed up my elevator rides, floor counting, and hotel room location skills?  Is it only architects who are superstitious?

Does anyone anymore anywhere get freaked out by 13?

It’s everywhere else.

Sports jerseys, theater rows, examination test questions, ranking systems, baker’s dozen, metric rulers, weigh scales, birthday cards, and movie titles ( but I think they are playing on those architects’ fears).

If this superstition was on Myth Busters, this one would be BUSTED!

In Japan, the superstitious number is 4 : it has the same sound as the word for “death”.

Same thing though. It’s everywhere but in buildings.

I guess the number 13  must be architects’ superstitious number only.

note: if there is no 13th floor in buildings because it’s unlucky, why aren’t there two lucky 7th floors?

2 responses to “Lucky 13

  1. One of my proudest moments in 7th grade was nailing the definition of triskaidekaphobia in front of the class.

    (Of course, I failed the quiz we got later in the day)

  2. Was Pomeroy speaking English?

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