Walls and Fences


There are some pretty famous walls in the world: The Great Wall of China, The Wailing Wall, The Berlin Wall, Hadrian’s Wall, even Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”.

The wall at Kilmainham Gaol, where authorities shot members of the 1916 Uprising, in Dublin is pretty famous too!  (and you can fit in a Guiness tour on the same day, if you are well organized)

There’s a wall on Isabella Island in the Galapagos Islands. It’s not globally famous, but it’s historically interesting. Built by convicts: they had to complete so many meters a day. At first it mustn’t have been too difficult; lots of stones nearby. But everyday the prisoners had to go further and further away to collect enough stones to extend the wall by the days required number of meters.

That must have been a bitch!

The wall wasn’t going anywhere special; just a project to work convicts to death.

Fences usually aren’t very famous.

It’s usually what’s inside them that is well known: Area 51 in New Mexico and a few refugee centers in Australia are the only ones I can think of. Fences in the English countryside are a little interesting; they have little steps to get over them, when you are hiking around. Don’t worry the sheep though: that’s a big no-no.

In the animal world, I think fences are more famous than walls: more infamous at least. There are probably a lot of animals, all over the world, grumbling about fences right now.

I’d wager that in the Animal World, Pink Floyd’s “Animals” album is a far better seller than “The Wall” too.

2 responses to “Walls and Fences

  1. Dude. You just won a major prize with me for this blog. This is the best blog I’ve read ever! I could write a few funny comments about walls and fences BUT, this is too real and serious FOR me to do so. I hope this blog makes people think. It did for me! Thanks for opening eyes in a light hearted way!

  2. You gotta love the Australians for taking on the animals: the three rabbit-proof fences built at the turn of the century total over 2,000 miles and were designed to keep the rabbits out of the western part of Australia.

    I think all they actually did as far as the rabbit population went was give them a good laugh in between making more baby rabbits to wreak havoc on the Aussie environment.

    And don’t forget it was poet Robert Frost who said “Good fences make good neighbors”.

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