Brazilian Bus Drivers and Belts


In Brazil buses have a buzzer that warns the driver that he is over the speed limit.

Some drivers drive below the speed limit.

Some speed and ignore the buzzer; eventually it just becomes background noise.

Some hover around the buzzer threshold: buzzer rings, stops, rings, stops,…
These drivers are the most annoying, as you are constantly expecting and waiting for the buzzer to go off again; or you are dozing off and the buzzer startles you back to full consciousness.

My belt is like those Brazilian bus drivers.

In summer I’m a 3rd holer: under or on my ideal weight.
In winter I’m a 2nd holer: over my ideal weight, but it’s a daily thing to be expected.
But at the moment I’m hovering between the 2nd and 3rd hole.

It’s annoying: somedays I use the 2nd hole and other days I use the 3rd.

At least there isn’t a buzzer on my belt.

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