Battling Caterpillars


Last year I had a caterpillar invasion in my front yard bushes.
Big caterpillars: the size of my fingers!

I took my neighbour’s advice: pull them off with chopsticks and step on them.

After a hard week of plucking and squishing caterpillars, I had eliminated about 500 of the big buggers.
Caterpillar guts and carcasses littered the ground.
It was a real mess.

I left a few alive, so hopefully I can do it again this year.

3 responses to “Battling Caterpillars

  1. Yeuch. We had a similar problem with ants swarming in our kitchen. Not funny when they began to fly! And, just in case you have a problem with moles in your garden, you might appreciate the advice in the following link:

  2. Thanks Middle Man! I know what to do if I have to battle moles.
    Checklist: shovel, razor blades.

  3. Do the make good fertilizer? Maybe your grass will be greener than ever this year.

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