Sponsored By ….


Countries should get companies to advertise on their flags.
I’d bet some countries could pay off their debts quickly and painlessly with the right sponsor.
Countries seem to take their flags a bit too seriously anyway.
It’s just a bit of cloth.

The apple symbol or Colonel Sanders would look quite nice on the Canadian flag.

South Korea’s flag already looks like the Pepsi symbol.

The U.S. flag could have 63 corporate sponsors (they have a big debt). One in each star and thirteen for the stripes. Stripe sponsors would have to pay more: stripes are bigger.

Maybe some of the richest countries don’t need sponsors, but they could change their flags anyway. I’m sure an ad executive somewhere could come up with something better than stripes, triangles, crosses, stars, circles, or moons.

Advertising is everywhere anyway, why not make it work in your favour?

5 responses to “Sponsored By ….

  1. Ha ha! That’s funny, and a good idea. But I suppose you are right that countries are a bit too uptight about their flags. This isn’t the point of this post, and I know that – but the last line reminds me of this thing I came across yesterday: http://drivingtodisneyland.com

    Good read!

  2. Hi there,
    I found your blog and thought I’d tell you, I like your twisted point of view, Mike. I like your questioning eyebrows.

  3. Thanks for the comments and the drivingtodisneyland site.
    I’m not trying to piss in anyone’s pool; just thinking.
    I was thinking that VW could advertise on the rabbit in dog racing: VW Rabbits of course!
    Or what about advertising on eggs: they are just asking for sponsors with their nice clean white surface.

  4. We actually have a local company that (I assume) extremely carefully stamps its logo on every single egg. It’s kinda creepy and yet cool at the same time. Why would they bother to do that?

  5. They could put “planetross blogs” on mouse pads and controllers!

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