Secret Rooms


At work I usually do a tour with some students of all the cubbie holes and hidden areas, of the building I work in, as a follow up to reading the story, “A Secret Room”.
We go into the storage area under the stairs, examine cupboards that look like part of the wall, and look behind doors that don’t get used very often.

There is a large crawl space under my room.
The entrance is under my desk.
The cement cover reminds me of the tunnel entrance in “The Great Escape”: the one that was in the barrack’s shower.

I move my desk, lift the lid, and let the kids have a look.

I tell them, this is where I put badly behaved students.

The kids usually look at me, stick their heads in the hole again, look at me again, and nervously smile.

I usually don’t have any behavioural problems from them for at least 5 minutes.

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