Electric Blankets

I can’t go to bed yet.
I have to wait for at least another 30 minutes, so my electric blanket sufficiently warms my bed. Well actually, it’s a futon.

Nothing beats crawling into a nicely warmed futon on a cold night!
Well, maybe a few things do.

The electric blanket was a gift from an old girlfriend. It goes under the bottom sheet and pumps out some serious heat! One friend claimed she burnt her bum on it, but I think she was exaggerating.
I love my electric blanket so much.

I gave one as a Christmas gift last year to a friend of mine.
He loves his too.
I don’t know how him and his wife survived without one for so long.
I don’t think I could live through the winter without it.
It is my best friend these days.

Only another 20 minutes to go.

One response to “Electric Blankets

  1. nice. i wish i had one right now.

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