Ear Cleaning

I had my ears cleaned a few weeks ago.
I usually do it myself with Q-tips or cotton buds or whatever other name those things go by.
But there was an ear cleaning place in the shopping centre I visited and I was curious.
All the staff had those hospital uniforms on. I like those.
I had to fill out a form with questions like:
Have you ever had ear problems?
Have you ever had your ears professionally cleaned?
When was the last time you cleaned your ears?
What kind of wax do you have? soft or hard?
And a few other similar ones.
They sat me in a nice space-aged chair, put a video camera in my ears and let me have a before look.
I got the after look when they finished: but it looked about the same to me.
The technician had a little wooden/plastic scraper with what looked like a little spoon on the end of it.
She dug and scraped one ear and then switched over and dug and scraped out the other ear.
It was all very relaxing.
After that she swabbed my ears with something and then gave me an ear massage for about 5 minutes. She gave me the vulcan mindmeld treatment (sorry, I used to be a STARTREK fan) hitting all the pressure points, if there are any; pulled my ears a bit too much; and then gave my ears another swab of something for good measure.
Overall it was very enjoyable, although a bit expensive.
They even gave me a point card!!!

One response to “Ear Cleaning

  1. Hmmm….
    Sounds like a fun thing to do on a rainy saturday when it’s too wet to work in the garden…

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