Reflecting on Mirrors


I was thinking about magic tricks and how much I am not interested in them.
That got me thinking about optical illusions and how much I like them.
Which got me thinking about Fun House Mirrors.

In the Strathcona Hotel in Victoria, B.C. Canada they have those mirrors outside one of the bathrooms.
I think most people on the way to the toilet stop and check themselves out, do a few leg bends, and turn sideways.

I’ve been checking them out on-line and they are pretty reasonably priced: about $70 U.S.
My sister did say I needed more mirrors in my house!

Not sure if I will go for the original distortion mirror, the fat mirror, or the skinny mirror.

Decisions; decisions.

I want the one that makes my head real long like an Oompa Loompa.

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