I’m not usually too interested in anything I classify as touchy feely.

I’m a cynic.

But I’m interested/curious about things that purge or cleanses the body: ear cleaning, facial and body scrubs, and body detoxification.

I’ve tried the first 2 and would like to try the 3rd.

A friend of mine went to Kamalaya Spa on Koh Samui in Thailand a few years ago and raves about it. One week of body detoxification left him lighter, healthier, and full on energy.

There are enemas involved.
I’m not into those, but if that’s what it takes then so be it.

I’d like to see what extra stuff I’ve been packing around inside of me all these years.

Maybe I’d find that penny I swallowed as a kid.
Maybe I’d find my gullibility, naivity, or sense of wonder. I haven’t seen those for a while.
Maybe I could get rid of my jadedness, cynicism, or that broken heart I think I’m still carrying around.

It would be interesting.

I think afterwards I would celebrate with a big steak and a bunch of beer!

2 responses to “Detoxification

  1. If you should decide to enema yourself for the fun of all the “maybe’s” you listed in your post, I sure hope you don’t add the cost of a trip to Thailand as part of the experience!

  2. you might just find out that what you’ve always known: Same shit, different day.

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