What Do They Call It?

Are they just:

Cows in Jersey?
Beans in Lima?
Bars in Nanaimo?
Nuts in Brazil?
Boots in Wellington?
Wings in Buffalo?
Hats in Panama?
Dragons on Komodo?
a Baked in Alaska?
Cigars to the Cubans?
Fries to the French?

Is it just:

Pepper in Cayenne?
Clamchowder in Boston?
Checkers in China?
Cake in the Black Forest?
Cheese in Edam?
a Mule in Moscow?
Goulash to the Hungarians?
Dressing to the Italians?
Duck in Peking?


Is it now called Bejing Duck?

2 responses to “What Do They Call It?

  1. Funny stuff! I’m worried you might have too much time on your hands though. lol

  2. Here via WP random tag:
    Cheesesteaks in Philly
    Dogs at Coney Island
    Hot at the Brown
    Zola to the Gorgans? (I don’t know, I just got frustrated I couldn’t think of more!)
    This is like an earworm for me… thanks!!!

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