Driving Games

I like driving.
Sometimes there is nothing better than hopping in my van and putting a big stretch of road between me and my city.
If I’m with someone, I play punch buggy.
If you see a volkswagen beetle before the other person, you punch them in the arm.
There aren’t many old beetles in Japan, so it’s pretty boring.
I try to hold my breath going through tunnels. This is mildly entertaining. There is a 11km tunnel I have to drive through sometimes, which I don’t have much success with.
I try to lift my feet off the ground while going over bridges, but bridges seem to be getting longer. And the people behind me seem to get annoyed with my rapid deceleration.
My father started me on this activity. He used to tell me there were trolls under the bridge and if I didn’t lift my feet, they would grab me and pull me under the bridge.
I can’t remember what they were going to do with me though.
A Japanese friend says his kids play a game: If they can see 5 beetles, they become extremely happy. If they see a black one, they have to start counting over again. If they see a black cat parcel delivery van, they become extremely sad.
I’m not sure why.
I think something was lost in the translation.
The best driving distraction I have enjoyed was while driving around Australia. Myself and a friend kept a tally of road kill. Our notepad had the following categories: kangaroos, emus, sheep, cows, possum, wombats, pigs, bird of flight, and unclassifiable.
Those road trains don’t stop for man or beast!

One response to “Driving Games

  1. Have you ever noticed while you’re driving around in Japan all the Japanese people driving around you are looking at you and punching there friends in the shoulders. I wonder what game they’re playing?

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