Computer Stuff

I’m the first to admit that computers baffle me.

I don’t really know how they work, have a hard time navigating around programs, and feel really proud if I can overcome simple problems.
This morning when I pushed the on button a different screen came up.
The computer was asking for passwords, codes, and service provider information.
It even accused me of having a counterfeit copy of VISTA!!

No, no, no!! This can’t be happening!
I haven’t even had a whole cup of coffee yet!!
I told the computer, “Just give me my regular screen and I’ll forget all about this happening, I promise”.

That didn’t work.
Never does.

So I pulled myself together, took a few deep breaths, and thought about what a rational person would do.
I found the info required: secret codes were located on the back of the computer, passwords were found scribbled on the bottom of cereal boxes, and special secret numbers were uncovered behind the fridge.
I punched them all in, and it works again!

I feel like Indiana Jones!

I think I could even tackle emptying the vacuum bag today.

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