Urinals are so inviting.
Welcome, they seem to be saying.

They wait for you, waiting to be used.
They are sociable: you usually find them in groups.
So convenient: unzip, use, and zip.
Flushing is optional.
You can even spit in them!

Toilets are troublesome.
You have to lift the lid and seat; hopefully they stay up!
You have to flush.
You have to worry about splatter, spray and dribble.
You never know who’s coming in next.
Toilets know they are undesirable: they try to entice you with magazines to read, or pictures on the walls.

3 cheers for the urinal!

What would I do without them?

Probably pee outside, like I usually do.

note: If there is more than one urinal, are they called a plurinal?

One response to “Urinals

  1. Even the most entertaining urinals wouldn’t be that inviting. I loathe public restrooms, and often freeze-up when having to use them. (I realize that might be too much information….)

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