Pavemental Illness

I drove on a road yesterday and it was okay: today the roadcrews are working on it.

Why are the roads always being fixed?

Is the person responsible for roadwork decisions a hypochondriac?

“Sure it looks alright, but it just doesn’t feel right. We better dig it up and take a look.”

“That street is turning a funny colour; I don’t like it. We better resurface it.”

“The leftside of the highway is okay now, but the rightside is a bit off.”

“It’s not right! It should be….

staighter, more curved, more banked, less banked, leveled, widened, narrowed, higher, lower, smoother, or maybe with a few more bumps.”

“Maybe we need a bypass?”

“Take a few samples and send them to the lab.”
“Take some photos and get a second opinion.”

In summer, I think he is self-medicating!

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